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take your game to the next level

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ONE10 basketball camps are designed for BOYS and GIRLS, AGES 7 - 18 of all skill levels.  ONE10 camps are drill intensive and skill building.  The structure of our camps gives athletes the opportunity to execute thousands of guided practice repetitions. Hard work and dedication will help athletes gain the skills they need to be offensive threats with the ball in their hands. 

  • Individual ball handling progression

  • Controlling the basketball

  • Working with manipulatives - tennis balls, cones, two balls, dribble goggles, etc. 

  • Using angles to attack defenders

  • Jab steps and pass & shot fakes to get and keep defenders off balance

  • Using dribble change of direction at game speed

  • Finishing at the basket with both hands in a variety of ways

  • Form shooting techniques and methods to improve accuracy

  • Catching ready to shoot for a quicker shot release

  • Taking and making game shots​, off the dribble, cuts, and off of screens. 

work hard

have fun

We give 110% and have a blast doing it!


We have camps in SIX states and counting!

Find a location near you

  high quality 


Passion for basketball and desire to teach kids shows in everything we do.

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