Who can participate in ONE10 camps?

ONE10 camps are designed for boys and girls ages 7-18 who are ready to work hard and build their skills through repetition.

Is it basketball all day?

Yes! We have broken up each day with drills, small games, various stations, and of course water and refuel breaks in order to keep your athlete engaged in learning and skill building. Click here to see the break down of a typical week at camp.

What do we need to bring to camp?

Here are the things you must have for camp:

  1. Basketball
  2. Lunch and a few snacks
  3. Water
  4. Medical/Parental Release Forms (due first day of camp)
  5. Positive can do attitude and be ready for hard work!
**We also have "Fan Gear Friday" where we encourage all athletes to wear a t-shirt, jersey or uniform of their favorite player/team. If you are coming from out of town you may want to pack something special to wear on Friday.

Why should my athlete attend a ONE10 basketball camp?

ONE10 camp coaches have extensive basketball backgrounds and are trained to help your athlete build an offensive skill set that will take their game and confidence to the next level. Athletes are given the opportunity to execute thousands of repetitions throughout the week and use the moves they have learned in small game play: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 3 on 2. This mixture of practicing individual skill work and executing these skills at game speed has been proven to build skills. ONE10 camps is about more than just sport, our camps help build many life skills: self-discipline, hard work yields results, team work, and pushing past obstacles and limits.

Can I stay and watch camp?

Yes! Parents are welcome to come in and watch the skills training. For liability reasons we ask that you only watch and not coach or play while on site.

Will my athlete get a t-shirt?

YES! Every player will get a ONE10 t-shirt to wear with pride after energizing their game for a week.

Do you have group discounts? Sibling discounts?

We have group discounts starting at as few at 5 athletes signing up for a camp at the same time. We also have a discount for families with multiple children. Visit our group discounts page for more info.

Will my athlete be safe?

Safety is our #1 priority. Our coaches are instructed to never be alone 1 on 1 with an athlete outside of the gym and athletes use the buddy system to go to the restroom. All of our coaches go through an extensive background check and there is always a coach in the gym that is CPR and First Aid certified. Furthermore, our coaches have all been trained to recognize symptoms of concussions and signs bullying and how to respond in these situations.

Camp is 9:00am to 5:00pm, can I drop off early? Is there after care? What if I need to pick up my athlete early? Can I take them out of camp for an appointment and then return after?

Check-in officially begins at 8:45am each day. However, typically there will be a coach at the gym by 8:30am. If there is a coach there to facilitate check-in you can drop off your athlete. Unfortunately, there is no after care. We do expect parents/guardians to make arrangements to have athletes picked up by 5:00pm. Typically we begin check out at ~4:50pm if an athlete needs to be picked up earlier than 5:00pm, parent/guardian will just need to sign them out when they come for pick up. If an athlete needs to leave for any reason and come back, they will checkout when they leave, check back in when they return and do a final check out at the end of the day. We appreciate your cooperation at check-in/out each day. The safety of our athletes is our #1 priority and we need to know who comes each day and when they safely leave our care!


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