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Size should be the same size your athlete uses in games.  Not playing games yet?  


7-9 years 27.5 junior

10-12 boys & all girls 28.5

13 - older boys 29.5 "official size and weight"

  1. Lunch 

  2. Snacks

  3. water bottle

We have 2 snack breaks and lunch.  Please send your athlete with plenty of food to refuel.  Also, a water bottle to stay hydrated.


*Please consider our athletes with food allergies and do not sent nuts or peanut butter sandwiches.

Positive attitude

Prepare your athlete for the concept of going 110% and giving their all. 


Athletes can be challenged in a variety of ways each day.  We want them to grow in skill and mindset.  

signed form

At check-in you will need to provide this form.  Filling it out ahead of time will speed up the check-in process.


Don't work if you don't have a printer, we will have extra form copies at the door.

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